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KAG_Seaquest_Marine_2_Page_-Brochure-1KAG by Acusafe is a leader in safety rails. The patented swage technology employed in rail design has been proven to increase grip by up to 80% in the wet, 160% in the dry and 300% in oily conditions.

Blending style with safety, KAG is the intelligent solution to enhance safety and prevent slip-fall injuries. KAG safety rail system is also available with fibre-optics lighting options to provide sustainable lighting alternative.

Seaquest Marine is proud to be the asia distributor for KAG in the marine industry.

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Acusafe develops solutions that are proven in the marine environment, providing the best grip and significantly less ‘slip’ in any conditions or situations.

From rescue boats to naval vessels, cruise ships and leisure craft, being on the water is an unpredictable and often unstable environment.

The KAG Rail can be used to:

logoMaximize hand grip on handrails, stairs, grab rails, balustrading and walkways in all conditions – even if the vessel isn’t upright

tickMinimize slips, accidents, injuries and strains

tickProvide reliable and critical assistance and ‘real’ grip in emergency situations

tickOffer increased lighting and guidance with different colour lighting at night and in poor visibility

Smart and Sustainable

KAG Safety Rail comes with fibre-optic lighting option which provides increased visibility for night staff, improved protection from ‘no-go’ zones and added directions through different coloured lighting. In addition, our fibre optic end point lighting reduces carbon foot prints and lowers power bills.

Based on independent testing by the HIBB Electrical, the LED driver in the fibre-optic hand rail has been proven to be 14 times more energy efficient and cheaper to run compared with a 36W (Watt) fluorescent tube.

The testing looked at the energy efficiency break-down for LED driver in KAG fibre-optic hand rail compared to a 36W Fluorescent tube (based on 5m of KAG fibre-optic hand rail lighting).

*This example is for replacement of fluorescent lighting only, but comparable results will be seen across the board when replacing existing lighting with LEDs. You can also replace flood lights. Flood lights will have a minimum of 80% savings of electricity costs compared to current technologies being used.

**KW – kilowatt

Seaquest Marine, together with Acusafe, can custom-fabricate KAG safety rails to suit your marine requirements and improve occupational health and safety standards in your working environment.

Please contact kpsamy@seaquestmarine.com.sg to enhance your safety and promote a sustainable environment.